If you like the articles on this site, then there’s a strong possibility you’ll enjoy reading some of the books I’ve written. They are all beautifully illustrated by some very talented artists and designers.

You are a fish

Just like a fish can’t survive out of water, people can’t live without brands. They are as old as civilisation itself: a human universal.

Brands can encourage us to dream bigger. They can make our best ideas spring to life. They can help us make sense of the world. Some even taste delicious. Sadly, there are a lot of average brands out there: the general quality of the water we’re swimming in isn’t great. And that’s why this book exists.

Featuring original and witty illustrations by Leon Edler and designed by NB Studio, this book is for anybody with an interest in how to elevate brands from merely average to sublime.

A limited edition hardback is available to buy at the Hurtwood Shop.

For people who prefer their literature in digital form, the book is also available to read online for free at this link.

If you have an iPad or Apple device, you may prefer to download the fixed layout ebook file here.

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“To have brought such a vivid explanation of why brands exist and their history, and to have revealed all you need to know to have grasped ‘the why’, ‘the what’ and ‘the how’ about brands – in such a simple and easy to understand way – is masterly.” Michael Wolff

Business is Beautiful

Accepted wisdom tells us either that business should come before pleasure, or that the two should never be mixed. Business, it seems, was never intended to be pleasurable. But business is people. People who come together to achieve more than would be possible if they worked individually.

A man in Denmark has turned love for his deaf wife into a business that helps millions, as well as making millions.

A doctor has set up a new model hospital to provide affordable healthcare in India.

Business provides countless examples of companies that have achieved greatness: companies where profit is seen as necessary but not sufficient for success. These stories and the business lessons they provide are captured in this book.

Available to buy at Amazon.

“This lovely book is filled with stories of companies that have been inspired by beauty of all kinds – aesthetic, scientific, ethical and more. This is a new look at the search for excellence that I think will resonate with many business leaders.” Daniel Pink

Wild Thinking

What is McLaren’s nemesis?

Why is Dropbox like a lava lamp?

What disappoints Ocado about its competitors?

And why does Wimbledon sweat the small stuff?

25 leaders from the world’s most interesting brands answer 25 provocative questions. The result is Wild Thinking: a series of anecdotes and anarchic strategies from brands including Google, the V&A and Comic Relief to help you solve your biggest business challenges.

Also available to buy (and listen to) at Amazon.

“Wild Thinking asks unexpected questions to gain a unique insight into some of the world’s leading brands, helpfully uncovering the distinctly human skills behind their success.” Alain de Botton